By Nexus
May 27, 2019

A's All The Way VS C's Get Degrees

This VS That

A's All The Way
Let’s get one thing straight: A’s all the way isn’t just about the grade; it’s about the attitude. A lot of people say you only live once as justification for doing stupid shit, and fair enough – doing stupid shit is an important part of being human. On the flip side, it’s also an important reminder that in life, you don’t always get second chances. So why not live like you mean it and do the best that you possibly can? A’s all the way is about working your ass off, turning up, and being ready when unexpected opportunities come up. You can scrape by with anything in life, but you never know what you’ll miss out on.  Exams suck for everyone. They’re hard, they’re stressful, and they’ve been proven time and again to be a shitty way to measure a person’s intelligence. But fuck it, go hard anyway. Be curious. Be gritty. Be clever. Study smart and put in the effort. Go in and give 110% every time. And if you walk out with C’s anyway, then hold your head high because you’ve still got the A’s attitude – and that’s the person I’ll always bet on.

C's Get Degrees
It’s probably not what you thought you’d be preaching when you first considered coming to uni, back in the day when you were all bright-eyed and full of hope. However, as you get further through your university tenure and your motivation fades, the C's get degrees mentality captures yet another victim. But is it really that bad? At the end of the day, C’s really do get degrees. C’s get you the same expensive piece of paper that every other overachieving asshole in your class gets. Sure, their GPA might look a hell of a lot better on their CV, but if you can network and sell yourself, then you’re good to go! Half the time, employers just want you to have a degree to show that you can work hard(ish) when needed. Plus, when you embrace the fact that C’s get degrees, you’re signing yourself up for way more fun and much less stress at uni. Hospo night? Absolutely. Student night? You bet. Getting drunk on a Wednesday for no reason whatsoever? Now we’re talking! Do yourself a favour! Put your feet up, grab a bevvy and let your C’s carry you right through to that degree. This is the only time in your life that it’s socially acceptable to do the bare minimum, so why don’t you do that?

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