By Nexus
May 20, 2019

Kiss The Sky - Dance Show


The New Zealand Dance Company never fails to deliver an exquisite performance, and Kiss the Sky was no exception. Pairing perfectly with a few glasses of wine and an atmosphere exhibiting the best of the arts culture in Hamilton, the show featured contemporary pieces by three gifted choreographers. Sigan was an impressive display of athleticism; all angles, sharp lines, and powerful moves reminiscent of martial arts from the Far East. The score was perfectly fitting, featuring a dynamic array of traditional Korean gong sounds, accentuated at points by the audible collective exhale of the dancers. The Fibonacci was a dreamy terracotta performance that contrasted starkly with Sigan. Performers showed their versatility with an unreserved fluidity of motion that created an interesting, complex display for the audience - particularly as the stage dimmed save for a lit cyc, emphasizing the dancers’ silhouettes gracing the backdrop. Finally, If Never Was Now was a fun, cheeky performance that gave a “digital exotic bird” vibe, amid mating displays and UV costumes. The audience gasped as a single spotlight illuminated a single performer luxuriating in what appeared to be falling snow. Dancers displayed an effortless, flowing contact in duos - with that said, in all three pieces, the group synchronicity shone through as a real highlight. To split hairs, my only sore point was that I felt left wanting more - a strong final finish, a longer performance, or perhaps an inspired, passionate sequence to create a memorability that merits 5 stars. Aside from that, it was an entirely commendable performance well worth the ticket price.

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