By Nexus
May 20, 2019


For anyone who knows anything about the NBA, and specifically about the 2019 NBA draft, there’s one name that comes to mind faster than any...Zion Williamson. Not often do you see an 18-year-old kid not only go from one year in college straight to the NBA draft but also be pipped as the number one pick by everyone (and I mean absolutely f$&ken everybody). It’s no wonder that even the presenter was letting the other big prospects in the draft know that whoever gets the first pick will get Zion.

The big shock of the night was seeing the New Orleans Pelicans receive the first pick after being projected to get only the ninth pick. It’s an absolute game changer that could both alter the fortunes of a mediocre western conference side into one that will potentially acquire a generational talent, and be a huge play to keep Anthony Davis from leaving a team with lack of talent and depth.

Almost forgot there were 13 others picks to be announced tbh, but other highlights include the LA Lakers getting the fourth pick, which now gives Lebron James even more leverage to trade every single teammate of his for Anthony Davis and possibly former Cavs teammate Kyrie Irving (I know, I thought Kyrie couldn’t stand playing with him too). Then we saw the Knicks’ “almost guaranteed” first pick being snaked, which reminds us of a certain KD situation. It means that replacing a potential Zion with JA Morant doesn’t give them anywhere near the same calibre of player, but then again he can add someone big to their struggling backcourt, so things could’ve been worse. Still, it must hurt the Knicks considering all their years of terrible, non-watchable basketball will probably still continue.

The draft never fails to disappoint and this one is no different, so tune into ESPN on Thursday 20th of June to see who the Pelicans (Zion) and the rest of the 14 teams and beyond pick to add to their roster. That is if you have a spare 4 hours to stand through all of it. Considering a lot of you reading this will be either studying for or sitting an exam, I’d think about watching the highlights that come out the next day.

FAKE IT: Badminton:
  • The game your grandma pulls out of the cupboard at family gatherings. It includes a net, a couple of rackets and a shuttleCOCK. Yes, we have the mental age of a six-year-old. But really, who named it that?
  • Someone that had a physical repulsion for big balls essentially made a simpler version of volleyball; same shaped court, same net down the middle, still playing the big ol’ game of Keep The Balloon Off The Floor. They’ve just tucked the balls away and brought out the shuttleCOCK (and the rackets).
  • Like any good after-school activity (

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