By Kahn Stevenson
May 13, 2019

Netflix and Booze

Drinking Games

The art of mixing booze with a night in

Looking for something to spice up your Saturday night, but don’t want to go out because it’s getting too cold? Well grab a blanket and a couple of drinks and turn on the TV to try these games that don’t even require you to move from the couch.

TV + Film:
  • LIGHTS, CAMERA, SHOT - Everyone has their favourite show, and with the beauty of an internet connection, each show now has its own set of rules for drinking. When it comes to the likes of The Walking Dead, try drinking at every time a walker gets shot in the head, or when Rick yells at Carl. It’s Game of Thrones season, so try taking a shot every time Jon Snow and Daenerys sleep together, someone's naked body graces the screen or someone dies. If you’re applying it to your favourite movies, drink every time there’s a flashback or somebody’s superhero name is said in the Avengers movies, or if you’re smashing out a Harry Potter marathon, every time somebody says Potter’s full name, Ron says “bloody hell”, or Hagrid says “I shouldn’t have done that." Personalise it as you like.
  • HATS ON - This one requires you to put a hat, beanie or baseball cap. All you do is place it on the corner of your screen, and whenever a character within the frame ‘wears’ the hat you take a shot or drink. Works well but beware, it can often result in a waterfall in crowded scenes.

  • BEAT ON REPEAT - This is the classic music drinking game. Using songs that repeat certain words or phrases like Roxanne, Thunderstruck or Beat It, just blast the song over the speakers and take a drink every time you hear the title.
  • CHEERS TO THE DJ - Simple game of drinking every time someone skips the song halfway through. Bonus shot if the same song gets played twice in a row, or twice in the same night.

  • FOUL BALL - A game of drinking whenever the players screw up. Drink on every foul ball, out of bounds, step, forward pass or handball. It's basically drinking every time a rule is broken.
  • PREDICTIONS - Can be used to predict the winning team of the game, or for the likes of predicting who you think will be the key goal scorers or players (for example, in the NFL draft) and drink if you’re wrong.
  • FAIR PLAY - The sports drinking game for those of you who don’t care about sport but still want to be one of the boys. Drink with each one of the following rules: if someone explains the rules of the game, if someone complains about the ref, if you check your phone out of boredom, if one of the player's names makes you laugh or if you hear a players name you actually recognize.

  • SEARCH PARTY - Feeling a bit frisky? Open up the site of your choice and choose two or three random (not necessarily porn-related) words to search. If they come up in the title or in the video, watch and drink every time you see whatever that word is on screen.

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