By Danielle Marks
May 06, 2019

What the fuck is fashion?

Campus Fashion

What does it even mean to be fashionable? Isn’t this all some subjective test to conform to the way society wants us as people to be? To be honest, fuck that. It’s pretty easy to feel like you aren’t fashionable enough and it’s something I learnt when doing the photography for campus fashion.

Fashion is such an odd concept. We feel restricted to particular items of clothing because it makes us look skinnier, bolder, taller, stronger. It’s even weirder to think of it as the first thing we judge someone on. This is where I would usually go into the inequalities of judging people by how they dress and other means, but I’m sure you as the reader don’t do that. Well, at least I hope so.

How we dress can also be placed in who we are wanting to express. You best believe when I’m in court I dress like the classiest student that’s ever passed through the Faculty of Law (whoops I mean division?). However, when I’m out and about, you best believe I‘ll wear a fluorescent orange turtle neck with a button up looking like I came straight out of your tumblr boyfriend dreams.

We leave the house feeling confident enough to be seen by another human, but once someone attempts to take a photo we shy away. In my opinion, it’s so weird that we wear these pieces of material that are draped over our skin to be deemed appropriate by other people. Maybe we should stop doing that thing where we do things for other people and focus more on what we want out of our life. With that in mind, this is not a free pass to walk around in your birthday suit, cause although it’s probably gorgeous, there’s a whole lesson on consent that I will need to teach you.

We participate in fashion but don’t follow through with the confidence to be able to express ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with the classic black jeans and hoodie combo. I wear that shit when I want to be comfortable, but do you ever walk down the street and see someone with a sick statement jacket and think “damn I wish I could wear something like that”? What is it that’s stopping you? Cause I can assure you that you’d look damn sexy in it.

I’m going to be real with you. It’s never been about the clothes that you wear, but the confidence you exude when you wear your favourite beanie or shoes. It’s that moment when you’re looking in the mirror and you feel good about what you’ve chucked on. That moment that you feel safe and comfortable in what you wear.

So I guess what this word vomit of an article is trying to say is that fashion isn’t fucking real. It’s a word we apply to a weird perception that only we see. It doesn’t reflect the emotions behind your favourite worn out sweater or your lucky underwear you wear when you’re sitting a test. Never think you’re not fashionable cause it’s all a subjective test. You are beautiful in whatever you put on ya body; whether that’s you being fully dressed head to toe or if you paint your clothes on.

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