By Nexus
Apr 08, 2019

Full Exposure: nomad

Christchurch band, nomad, have been jetting off all over the world, playing gigs left, right, and centre for the last few years. They stole our hearts in high school and ever since, we’ve been eagerly waiting for new music and some more kiwi gigs. This week, we got to have a chat with Will, Aasha, and Cullen to get the inside scoop on their sound, their style, and their plans from here.

Nexus: First of all, congrats on the stellar career so far - you guys are killing it! When you first started, you were still in high school. How do you feel now compared to way back then?  
Appreciate the kind words! Things have changed for sure, in some ways. For the most part we're still just the same personalities and roles within the band that we were when we were 15! I think the biggest change is being confident in our identity and the music we want to create - we back ourselves now.

Nexus: Has creating music always been the goal for you guys, or did you have some burgeoning businessmen hiding within?
Nope, it's always been music for us. We enjoy it too much to consider doing other things at this point! Unless of course the businessman is still hiding away in someone somewhere...

Nexus: So a name is definitely a huge part of a band’s image! How did you guys come up with the name ‘nomad’?
So although I agree that a band name is super important, funnily enough ours had little meaning when we first came up with it. We were transitioning into becoming a more serious band early on and we decided it was time for a name change. We began writing down awful names on our notes app on our phones until that one came along. Thankfully it did because there were some solid 2/10 band names being thrown around.

Nexus: You guys seem to be jetting off overseas for another tour every time we look! If you had to pick, what’s been the career highlight to date?
Our favourite gig was in Hessen in Germany, playing to 13,000 on a beautiful summer evening. The German fans were instantly so cool and supportive to us.

Nexus: We’ve seen you playing a part in festivals and gigs all around the world over the last few years! Where to from here? Is there a full New Zealand tour in the works, by any chance?
We'd love to do another New Zealand tour! We’re starting to miss Wellington, we haven't played there in a little while and we love it. Always such amazing turnouts and good crowds.

Nexus: Have you got any crazy fan stories to share with us?
We wouldn’t call it a “crazy” fan story, but definitely ‘committed!’  We recently had a fan follow us around our German shows, and then continue to follow us to London… And then continue to follow us back home to New Zealand a few months later. We were all quite excited and honoured that someone enjoyed our music that much, and did that for us.

Nexus: How do the New Zealand crowds stack up against those from overseas?
Honestly, we just love to perform, to any crowd. I guess it’s not really until afterwards that we would start to pick apart these little things that the crowd did, how hard they danced, or how loud they sung along. But there is something quite special about playing to our peers, playing in-front of crowds who usually know our music always makes the job that much easier. So I would say that the crowds we’ve played in front of in NZ really do stack up against those from overseas.

Nexus: Your first album, Can You Feel It? came out last year, and it’s bloody brilliant! What have you been working on lately? We hear there’s a particularly exciting new single to look out for...
We’ve actually been writing more than we ever have been in the last 6 months, so we have a lot of new songs in the books right now. And yes we do, one of the first songs we wrote since the album and we are all incredibly excited to share this one with everyone. I don’t know if I’m allowed to release the title of the track, but it’s called She’s Getting Away!

Nexus: You describe your sound as indie-pop - can you tell us a bit about your musical inspirations?
Harmonies have always ruled our priority in terms of how we sound. Instrumentation is always secondary. We listen a lot to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel etc for ideas on vocal harmonies. For instrumental inspiration we turn to M83, Phoenix, Empire of The Sun, The War on Drugs and so many more.

Nexus: You’ve got some super odes to romance in your repertoire, such as your smashing hit Oh My My. Is there usually a lucky lady in mind when writing a sweet track like that?
There's been a few! But it’s funny, we tend to crush on girls we don't actually know that well so that makes it easy to romanticise things.

Nexus: If you could collaborate with any artist or group, who would it be?
That's a hard one! Phoenix would be definitely be up there, we've been huge fans of theirs for a while and love their sound.

Nexus: You guys definitely have a flair for style - any particular fashion icons you could name for us?
Matty Healy from the 1975 is a fashion icon for sure. There's also a band called the Lemon Twigs who have the sickest vintage clothes!

Nexus: One last question - best NZ music festival?
Probably Homegrown. They always treat you well and always a sell-out.

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