By Mayyah Gordon
Apr 08, 2019

Nexus Interprets Your Dreams

Welcome to the space where your recurring dream themes are met with a highly accurate (and totally not bs) interpretation. Here at Nexus, we like to provide that frantic brain of yours with a little intel and what’s what; therefore, we’ve come up with some of your common dream elements through the research medium of Instagram question stickers. Before I subject you all to any shameless plug, here you have it: what your dreams are made of.  

Disclaimer: These interpretations may hold no significant meanings (spiritual, religious or otherwise) and each are subject to the construction of your own personal dream-scapes.

The Chase (Not a game show)
Whether you’ve been dashing from law enforcement, a masked killer or that stalker ex of yours, being chased in your dream state could allude to your subconscious mind hinting that things are finally catching up with you. Whether that is looming deadlines or bills, maybe a good prioritisation session will do your subconscious mind some good in elevating any underlying anxiety.

Flying High
A classic; the slumber equivalent to real-life escapism. Fantasies of soaring through the clouds obviously pinpoint to how high on life your standard of living makes you feel.

The Introspective Awakening
Those goals you ponder aloud or in a conscious mindset often occur as dreams just to tug on those aspiration strings. These plans and ideas constructed in reality which frequent your dreams can act as reinforcers to preconceived ideas flitting around that head of yours, and perhaps may shed light on how you are to go about it. These bad boys are the motivational drivers of every fruition-ist’s literal dreams.

Baby Bump
Whether you’re a male or female, giving birth or being pregnant within a dream may not necessarily be divine revelation that you're actually expecting. Instead, consider it as a sign of a personal rebirthing of sorts - something new, fun and fresh might just be around the corner. Look for areas to expand your physical and mental boundaries in affirmation of this personal growth dream.

Nutty in the Nude
So you’ve been pinned with indecent exposure in dreamland, except no one seems to notice. This one could point to a sense of vulnerability or fear of personal exposure, and if you are a first year, then I don’t blame you. Although trust me, no one sees you; we’re all too busy stressing.

Snake In the Grass
Frequented with cinematic snippets of snakes slithering through the grass in dreamland? Could be more than an unconscious, phobia-induced experience, and that there is an actual threat lurking in your personal life. Keep those friends close and...well, your intuition gets the gist.

The Enigmatic Descent from The Heavens
Clearly, you’ve fallen from grace - which could translate to the good graces of particular people within your inner circle. Take this one as a sign that maybe you’ve been too wrapped up with your head in the clouds to notice what has been happening around you, and perhaps it’s time to reconnect with those closest to you. Better yet, have a wee scroll through the camera roll to figure out at exactly what stage of the night you mucked up last weekend.

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy
Dreams of waking up stranded in the highlands, half-naked and mounted with a travel pack aren’t exactly common, but they do carry the significance of adventure. With the semester break a few short lectures away, this dream may come as an incentive to take that dusty duffel bag out for a cheeky frolic - or just crack on to those longer assignments with all that free time like the rest of us.

The Prosecution
So you’ve found yourself in your dream, in a room with your parents, your best mate, your old kindy teacher and an ex-neighbour from when you used to live in Palmy. The atmosphere is tense, you keep your mouth shut in a bid to keep the scent of that stale bourbon concoction from your latest Tuesday sesh hitting the open air. It’s fair game and Mum reckons you’re a lost cause at this stage of the semester. We call this the intervention of dreams and in a way, it’s a little comforting to know you were the first to realise that your life is spiralling, rather than that fact leading to actual intervention.

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