By Nexus
Apr 08, 2019

ENGEN183 - Linear Algebra + Statistics for Engineers

Random Audit

Walking into this lecture I’m already pissed off after listening to a couple of sexist idiots talk about how dumb the girls in their class are and how they should “study education instead” (like it isn’t a difficult and extremely important career choice), so maybe this isn’t going to be the most unbiased Random Audit ever. Usually when my classes are starting, people are on their phones. In this class, they’re on their calculators. I can already tell this is going to be thrilling.

The lecturer is hilarious and I already love him. Honestly, I’d rate him a 10/10 for engaging the class, but the content is so boring and no matter how good of a teacher he is, algebra is never gonna be interesting. I got excellence on the MCAT in year 11 (before I dropped out of high school in year 12) so I like to think of myself as somewhat of a mathematician; it’s not too hard to follow along with all the equations but I’m struggling to stay awake and I’m dreaming of the Bongo’s sushi I’m gonna devour after this. Looking around, all of the first-years are actually doing the equations the lecturer is writing on the screen. God, I wish I still had that kind of motivation for my degree.

Ian (the lecturer) describes one of the problems as “not nice, nasty algebra, yuck!” and I think he’s hit the nail on the head there. If you love cosines, roots and equations then go for it and take this paper. If you’re hoping to find your rich future engineer sugar daddy in this class, this is the wrong place; all these kids are too preoccupied with thirsting for Ian’s attention and actually answering his questions to notice you. Talk to me in another two years, you studious, motivated youngsters.

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