By Nexus
Apr 01, 2019

MATHS101 - Introduction to Calculus

Random Audit

For the sake of banter, I (an English major) thought it would be entertaining to sneak my way into a maths lecture. Stumbling upon MATHS101, the paper title - extremely misleading in my opinion - made the course seem easy enough. First year maths? Should be simple. Oh, how I was so wrong. Barely passing statistics in high school and thereby steering clear of any form of mathematics - and even numbers - I didn’t expect this one-hour lecture to be much fun in the first place.

As a third-year English student, I felt as if I were trespassing when wandering into the lecture room - I was convinced that everyone knew I was an intruder, irrationally fearing an angry mob of math nerds to tackle me to the ground and drag me out the room. Incognito mode activated, I successfully snuck to the back of the class - luckily without being ambushed.

Defeatedly slumped at the back of the room, I began preparing myself for the advancing onslaught of pure confusion, (stupidly) hoping that I wouldn’t be forced to do actual math equations. Though a couple minutes into the lecture, I was already daydreaming about getting the hell out of there. Implicit differentiation, related rates problems, higher derivatives - what on earth is going on? This was far too much for me to handle on a Wednesday morning. I’ve always known that maths became (even more so) unbearable as soon as they started adding in letters, and MATHS101 merely solidified this keen knowledge of mine.

Moral of the story is, math sucks (I continue to agree with my teen self), so kudos to those pursuing a maths degree - I really don’t understand how you guys keep sane. I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be changing my degree to maths any time soon.

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