By Grace Mitchell
Mar 11, 2019

Stressed Out Skin

Nexus Health

If you’re anything like some of us in the Nexus office - a.k.a, just me - you may find that your skin sh*ts itself as soon as the uni work begins flowing in. Acne doesn’t do wonders for anybody’s self-esteem, so we thought we’d look at some possible culprits causing that nasty skin.

Acclimatising to a bigger workload and other pressures can trigger hormonal changes that lead to increased oil production. Make more of an effort to chill the fuck out. Take some deep breaths, go for a walk, pick up your dirty clothes off the floor, clear out your email inbox, break out the essential oils...dedicate some time to getting your shit together, basically. If your stress is over something that won’t bug you a year from now, don’t let it get to you too much.

High levels of hormones called androgens can increase the size of oil glands under the skin, causing production of excessive sebum, which breaks down the pore cell walls and allow bacterial growth. In non-science terms, you get to enjoy the pussy, oily skin of a 16 year old pubescent boy. There’s not too much you can do to pre-empt those hormonal fluctuations, I’m afraid; menstrual cycles truly do suck.

Being touchy feely
No doubt it’s tempting but don’t touch your face, and for goodness sake don’t pop your pimples. You’ll just encourage scarring and push bacteria deeper underneath the skin. Use a spot treatment overnight instead.

Pore-clogging products
Go for non-comedogenic makeup and skincare options. Make sure you’re actually taking your makeup off before bed and wash your pillowcases every now and then; it’ll help.

Food and drink
Refined sugars, dairy, and high starch foods are all linked with acne. The evidence isn’t solid but you’ll probably notice flare-ups after eating shit and boozing hard. Chug some water and chomp down on some fruit and veg.

Acne can be caused by trapped little skin nasties on the skin. If it gets bad enough, you can see your doctor to get some oral antibiotics to kill the buggers off.

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