By Nexus
Mar 11, 2019

House Party VS Town

This VS That

House Party
Nine times out of ten, a house party will guarantee you a good night, so why leave it to chance? House parties allow you to take back a bit of the power. You’ve got the freedom to choose the vibe for the night, the music, and who you actually want to be there. Whether you’re wanting a night of throwback tunes, a themed dress-up, or a rave - the world is your oyster! Also, you can actually talk to people! There’s nothing worse than small talk on the Outback dance floor, most of which consisting of “I CAN’T HEAR YOU” a few too many times, with the conversation ending in awkward laughter and a little side shuffle away from each other. House parties give you the opportunity to get in deep DMCs in the kitchen, regardless of who it is you’re talking to. However, I do get it, sometimes you just want to rave as you do in town, but why don’t you bring town to you? I can almost guarantee you know at least one person who has tried their hand at DJing who would jump at the opportunity to play. Once you factor in some beer goggles and a decent enough strobe light, you’ll hardly notice a difference. House parties really are everything you could ask for.

We have a clear winner here folks, and that’s hitting Victoria Street each and every weekend. She’ll never fail to disappoint and will provide enough new faces to make some new mates. Noise control? Never fear, for town does not have to comply with the same regulations as some shithole flat on Hogan. You can destroy your eardrums to your heart's content and never have to worry about that next knock on the door telling you to shut it down - how good. Running out of alcohol? Doesn’t exist when you’re in town. The moment you start feeling a tad too sober, you just pop over to the bar and order your favourite cruiser. It’s not like when you reach into your box just after 11pm and find it empty, shattering your plans of succumbing to New Zealand’s binge drinking culture. Fancy a bite to eat? Choices for all tastes! No need to go home and attempt to make some toast when you can just head to Sal’s or Subway and get your food prepared for you! Town, complete with its strobe lights and lingering scent of durries, is the epitome of student culture, and cannot be defeated by a flat with couches pushed against the wall and a sub-par speaker. Case closed.

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