By Grace Mitchell
Mar 04, 2019

Reviving Yourself after a Bender

Nexus Health

Hopefully you’ve finally put down the drinks from a great O-week bender and picked up the pencils. But, being uni students, we know you’re just going to get fucked up again soon enough. So, once you’ve finished destroying the sanctity of your liver, stomach lining, healthy skin and your soul, come curl up with your precious Nexus and let us guide you back to some reasonable state of normalcy (although there’s nothing we can do about those lost brain cells. Sorry).

Guzzle some H2O
Aim to have a few glasses before bed and keep one beside you to help survive the night. Dehydration is the biggest enemy right now, so the more water you can drink, the better.

Enjoy the rare occasion where sleeping most of the day is actually acceptable in society. Catch up on nap time as much as possible before you have to drag your ass to uni come Monday morning.

Avoid coffee
It’s tempting, but you should go for literally anything else to help your energy levels, since that cuppa will dehydrate you even further - instead, go for some berocca, powerade, gatorade, electrolyte sachets, coconut water or green tea. They’ll help with dehydration, provide antioxidants and give you a boost. Sprite or flat soda will help ease the nausea.

Get a sweat on
Whether that’s power walking down to the corner dairy, a brief stint at the gym or perhaps sprinting out of the room you’ve found yourself in for the night, a bit of exercise will aid circulation and support oxygen supply around the body. Just don’t push it to the point of vomiting in public, thanks.

Stick to simple foods
We’re not going to point fingers at anyone going for a greasy morning-after pizza, but technically, it’s a good idea to go for some easy-to-digest options. Things like bread, rice, banana for potassium, fruit and veg for vitamins, and a source of probiotics (yoghurt will do it) to help gradually increase all the gut bacteria you murdered in the drinking process.

Out the gate remedies
The flowers and root of the Kudzu plant have been discovered by the ancient Chinese as a great hangover cure. Likewise, spices like thyme, ginger, fenugreek and turmeric are touted for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (which is basically an excuse to go for a mid-morning curry).

Shame management plan
A bucketload of regrets is almost guaranteed to accompany a string of nights on the piss. Give yourself a wee pep talk, and don’t worry, no one escapes uni without publicly embarrassing themselves at one point or another. Also, maybe hold off those last 3 games of beer pong next time.

Worst case scenario - you just don’t end it
Last option is you simply never revive and face a downwards spiral into a life of alcoholism. Surely just one more sesh?

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