By Kim Sare
Mar 04, 2019

Five Food Places 10 Minutes from Campus for under $10


Sunshine Bakery and Cafe on Cameron Road
With a snack box for under $7 as well as a vast selection of sammies, sweet thangs and good ol’ pies, this Cameron Road staple is just begging for a visit from Waikato’s finest scholars and those scruffier, hungover hooligans alike. You’re sure to fill a lunchbox with a tenner and both the quality and service will leave you hungry for more.

Mei Wah Takeaway on Knighton Road
The finest takeaway shop in Hamilton East, Mei Wah’s has enough selection for even the pickiest of munchies sufferers. Handily located just opposite Student Village, it’s the easy choice for a lazy, after-uni dinner, while the walk to and from can easily justify the extra carbs, fat, and grease making its way into your diet. What can we say, it’s a lifestyle.  

Subway on Silverdale Rd
Perfect for those diehard Subway fans who are willing to trek just a tad further for their staple of a ham sub on white bread. This ‘healthy’ fast-food chain outlet is sure to have something that tickles your fancy, not to mention plenty of options under $10 to nourish your poor, student soul. Honestly, what more do we need?

Royale Indian Restaurant on Cameron Road
Excellent value at the best of times, but particularly on a Sunday mornin, when their $10 for a curry, rice, drink and naan is sure to hit the spot. Nestled in the heart of Hamilton student suburbia, this is the ideal place to grab some stellar Indian cuisine when the halls menu is not gonna cut the mustard, or when you inevitably realise that your flatmate can’t fucking cook.  

Four Square on Clyde Street
A Kiwi icon, Four Square is just a hop, skip and a jump from uni and carries all your basic necessities. Not even the lack of a car can justify running out of milk, cleaning supplies or deodorant, because Charlie has it all. Vegetables, frozen meals, ice cream, and all the kinds of carbonated drinks you could dream of, right here in university territory - $10 will take you far.

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