By Archie Porter
Oct 04, 2018
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Review: Counter Productive – Biobird

Biobird’s latest EP, Counter Productive, is a dark, thunderous and frequently explosive collection of tracks – nestling itself into the realm of grungy drum and bass, and experimental dubstep. Released by Section 8 Records and consisting of four songs, ‘Counter Productive’, ‘Soul Drift’, ‘Lost’, and ‘Limbo’, the EP ebbs and flows in terms of its intensity, but remains ominous and cinematic throughout its runtime.

The opening titular track, ‘Counter Productive’, begins the EP in an eerie and foreboding fashion – sounding almost like some kind of jazzy, demented clown music, before warping and exploding into a ferociously loud slice of D’n’B. The following track, ‘Soul Drift’, kicks off with a stuttering, distant drum pattern and whirring distortion, that soon erupts into another chaotic fusion of sound. The third song, entitled ‘Lost’, follows a somewhat similar progression to the preceding track, though it’s rife with intricate drum fills and audio cues to keep things fresh. The closer, ‘Limbo’, is perhaps the most intense and dark song on the EP, both sonically and in terms of its tone. Featuring deafeningly loud bass and twisted vocals, the track stands apart from the rest with its menacing atmosphere and inventive production – though, these elements are highly prominent throughout all the tracks.

Counter Productive is an inventive and rewarding EP, brimming with intensity and oozing with replay-value. Though it’s difficult to define sonically, listening to it makes you feel like Spider-Man web-slinging through New York, jacked up on Monster Energy Zero Ultra™.

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