By Conor Maxwell
Sep 28, 2018
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Review: Urinetown – Bold Theatre, Meteor Theatre

If there are three things I love in this world, it’s musicals, puns, and theatre that breaks the fourth wall, so Bold Theatre’s debut production, Urinetown, appealed to me instantly. Set in an apocalyptic future where a decades-long water shortage has caused the Urine Good Company to charge people to go to the toilet in order to regulate water, the musical is a constant battle between the tragic subject matter, and the comic writing and presentation; with comedy almost always coming out on top.

The premise is ridiculous, but the musical is cleverly narrated by one Officer Lockstock, who acknowledges the script’s unusual occurrences and leaps of logic to hilarious effect. What takes place on stage is probably best described as a semi-romantic dramedy which both promotes and criticises communism, and features so much talk of piss and water that I really wish I had gone to the bathroom before the show started.

Urinetown features an energetic and standout chorus, as well as a talented lead cast, with notable performances by Antony Aiono as hero-of-the-people Bobby Strong, Julia Watkins as cubicle custodian Penelope Pennywise, K. M. Adams as the loveable yet despicable Officer Lockstock, and Anika Hayes as wide-eyed orphan Little Sally. 

Urinetown is a pee-utiful production, and you’ll be pissed if you don’t see it!

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