By Scott Carroll
Sep 21, 2018
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Review: Flight From Time One– Deane Romano

In 1972, one unknown writer, amongst many, published what he no doubt thought to be his first of many novels to come. Interestingly enough, Flight From Time One would be Mr Romano’s only published work, besides the subsequent novelization of an episode from Banacek. After that – nothing.

Considering I found this wretchedly-aged piece of Nixon-era sci-fi pulp at a book fair in Tauranga, I’d consider it a rare catch. Really though, the book itself isn’t so good; it’s a bizarre and incoherent romp through the world of astral projection, where our protagonist must take to the astral realm and defend the United States from a two-pronged assault perpetrated by rival Soviet astral-projectionists and—wait for it—interdimensional astral-projecting Nazis that are emerging from another time-space (Time Two) and are seeking to invade and enslave the protagonist’s time-space (Time One) to set about a new and greater Reich. If it sounds convoluted, that’s because it is. It also doesn’t help that the plot reads like a Marvel comic and spends 80% of the dialogue imitating rednecks and/or abusing toilet humour. It’s just a bizarre, bad book.

Flight From Time One is the kind of novel where the story surrounding it is more interesting than the story inside. While certainly no Eye of Argon, it might be worth your time if you like trying very obscure books. Good luck finding it though!

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