By Nicola Smith
Sep 13, 2018

The Evolution of Car Boot Sales

Bachelor of Being Broke

Since the beginning of time, there has been trading, especially second-hand trade; the concept of “one man’s treasure is another man’s gold” runs true. Car boot and garage sales were once a Saturday morning ritual where the family would try to get rid of things and make somewhat of a profit. Personally, it was hard to see the monetary value with the opportunity cost of missing out on sleep as a child to get up and strap on the fanny pack to attend. Now, there are new avenues available which you may not even have to leave your bed to access or profit off.

TradeMe has been known as a great channel to achieve this. There’s the ability to sell as much or as little as you want, not restricted to the size of a car boot or garage. With TradeMe, there’s a category for anything you could need, and when it does come to selling things, it’s formatted in an easy to understand way so you can understand the market value of the item you may be selling or purchasing.

Facebook hosts many “buy and sell” pages, but some are better than others. Depending on which town you may be in the vicinity of. For instance, using Facebook Marketplace in Ponsonby Auckland may give you some rather expensive vintage boutique items to explore compared to Norton where someone sells leftovers from their dinner cbbheap. The items found may not be as structured, with some individuals trying to sell themselves or even items grown from their garden for recreational purposes. However, the authenticity of people is there; you can tell who looks genuine through their profile and even the proficiency of their typing style. It also means a company won’t benefit from your sale or purchase if you do want to make quick cash.

Second-hand shops offer the chance to sell items on behalf of oneself in exchange for a profit. Places like Recycle Boutique rely on the sourced goods from consumers to sell to consumers and take 50/50 of the profit. However, this does help to eliminate the stress of having to physically list and sell an item yourself where you may not be reaching the appropriate audience. Recycle Boutique even promotes different items on their Instagram. Or if you happen to follow the page, you may see an item that you want to purchase at a more reasonable price than buying first hand.

With the addition of technological devices and social media, there are so many more medians through which to sell, exchange and buy this “glorified trash”. It’s important to have an easy understanding of what they are and how to benefit from these avenues. What once started as a school fundraiser with proceeds going towards a sports team has now evolved into something so much more.

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