By Scott Carroll
Sep 13, 2018
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Review: The Terror (Season 1) – produced by David Kajganich & Soo Hugh

Period-piece crossovers just don’t sound right on paper—think Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies—they’re tacky and distasteful. AMC’s new show, however, proves there can be exceptions.

The Terror is based on the novel by Dan Simmons (of Hyperion fame), detailing a fictionalized account of Sir John Franklin’s doomed Arctic expedition that took place between 1845 – 1848. The events of that expedition were mysterious and unnerving, to say the least; an opportunity which the showrunners have made full use of. The casting is an excellent ensemble of veteran actors and refreshing newcomers alike, helping to create an atmosphere that is gripping and tense, with each episode unravelling not only the physical but mental integrity of the expedition. Similar to Legion (which I have reviewed previously), The Terror makes up for mediocre CGI with consistently inventive cinematography and editing, giving you just enough without revealing too much. There will be contention with opinions on the Tuunbaq, and I would agree it could have been portrayed in a manner more consistent with the show’s vibe, but it is also an integral part of what makes the show different from your average survival story.

The Terror is a passion project, with an immense amount of research and craftsmanship put into the project; producers Kajganich and Hugh should be commended for their work.

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