By Bradley Gielen
Sep 13, 2018
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Review: Lo La Ru – The Rubens

Creating a new album is a lot like building a house; you begin with a foundation that defines how everything will look, build up the core supports and then add the cladding to create a finished product, all under strong direction. Perhaps I’m wrong though because it seems that in the case of Lo La Ru, The Rubens started with half a foundation, fired all the builders, forgot the scaffolding, and then nailed on a price tag and called it a finished product. 

Confusing metaphors aside, it’s disappointing, it really is. I’ve been a devout Rubens fan for a long while, but the Aussie band’s latest album just doesn’t hold up the way their last two have. The best description would be hollow; the soul isn’t quite there.

Songwise, the major singles released beforehand are the only strength of the record; everything in between feels like bland filler. Frontman Sam Margin suffers from Alex Turner Syndrome, seeming to drown out the rest of the band with his vocals. Sure, he’s still a damn good singer and there’s a sincerity to his voice, but it’s so obvious that the band have jumped on the indie/pop/acoustic/terrible bandwagon that’s been sweeping Australia.

What makes me so disappointed is that these guys are genuinely good artists. Come on lads, you can do better than this. Don’t drop your iconic sound for the sake of a trend.

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