By Nexus
Sep 13, 2018

Hitlist: Tik Tok

It is often argued that social media is less a tool of wide social interaction and more a platform of narcissistic self-broadcast. 

In a way, this assessment is true of sites like Instagram or Facebook, where one can shamelessly self-promote with sexy pictures of their ass or abs in exchange for likes or thumbs ups or heart-eyed emojis. Snapchat falls further to the side of vain self-promotion than Facebook or Instagram, which both have some level of genuine communicative capacity built into them.

Nowhere, however, is the claim of social media’s influence as fuel for the self-obsession of the unremarkable more evident than in the music video app TikTok.

Based on the painfully misguided premise that other people want to watch me poorly lipsync to songs talented people wrote and performed, TikTok has ballooned into millions of users all utilising the platform to share videos of themselves.

Not videos of themselves doing funny, extraordinary, or exciting things. Not videos of themselves creating anything meaningful. Videos of themselves filling the entire frame doing NOTHING. I don’t mean ‘nothing’ as in not doing anything, they are obviously doing something in the form of lipsyncing or pretending to sing; I mean nothing as in contributing nothing to the content they create.

The song is not theirs, the words are not theirs, and it is frankly the banalest of individuals desperately attempting to jack up their social media cred by banking on a popular song making them seem slightly more interesting.

Call me old fashioned, but if I’m attention-whoring on social media, I like to use a friendly and fun light-hearted joke, a cool picture smoking a cigarette, or a video of something interesting and different that only I could bring to the table.

If you have the TikTok app downloaded, if you use it at all, just remember – you’re not interesting. Your videos aren’t funny or cute, nobody gives a shit about what you think or have to say, and you don’t look as hot singing along to pop songs as you think you do. 

You’re doing something dumb and pointless and you should feel bad about it.

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