By Kim Sare
Sep 07, 2018

The Week To Finally Get Your Shit Together

Calendar Girl

If you’re anything like me, you’re sure to have moments where you convince yourself that you’re finally going to get your shit together; that it’s time to step up and commit to classes and getting good grades, or to start applying for jobs so you’re no longer one of those unemployed young people. Whatever the situation, these bursts of motivation to change your situation can be used for good. You’ve gotta make the most of them, kids! To do just that, here are my expert tips on what to do with these surges of inspiration to make them count.  

Now, we’re obviously all here to earn a degree, or perhaps some higher qualification for those of you that way inclined. But here at Nexus, we understand that making it to every class every week can be a struggle for some of you. Those lecturers that pile on the compulsory readings each week or, even worse, the ones that refuse to use Panopto can really make the lives of us tired and stressed uni students just a little bit harder. My advice? Plan. You don’t have to go to every lecture or read every article, but it’s a good idea to work out how you plan on keeping up before you get yourself behind. Make sure you’ve got access to the slideshows, or have a friendly classmate willing to share their notes so you can continue to be a no-show week after week. While “C’s get degrees”, it might be a bit hard to get even a passing grade if you have no idea what the course content is. 

Everybody loves love. For those lucky ones among us who have a significant other, congrats! For those of you who aren’t so fortunate, why not utilise this mindset to make a move with that special person you’ve got your eye on? Take the plunge and share the love. No one wants their parents to forever ask when they’re going to find someone; it’s even worse when they start telling you that “you need to get out more”. There’s sure to be someone within the vast Hamilton region that’s got you tickled pink, so throw them a line and maybe you’ll land yourself a catch for the summer season.  

In today’s world, low self-esteem is pretty much a given. Obviously, I have no official expertise or stats to back this up, besides the fact that almost everyone I know has lacked self-confidence, or still lacks it. So when these spur of the moment energy bursts arrive, why not put them towards establishing a positive mentality and good thoughts about yourself? I know, easier said than done. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that. But in the same sense, nothing’s ever going to change if ya don’t put in the effort. Mental health is important, so fool yourself into thinking better thoughts about yourself, and eventually, over time, they’ll become reality. Baby steps, kids.

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