By Archie Porter
Sep 07, 2018

The Return

Pass the Aux

Just when you thought it was safe to read pass the aux… I’m at the helm—aux in hand—ready to hijack this mutha. I’m kicking things off with Pixies, followed by electronic London artists Real Lies and Mount Kimbie, and lastly, Blood Orange’s collaboration with A$AP Rocky and Project Pat from his brand-spanking new record. Sound good? No? Fair enough. Just read something else then, I guess.

1. ‘Gouge Away’ – Pixies: The closing track from Pixies’ masterful second album, Doolittle, ‘Gouge Away’ effortlessly captures all of the band’s strengths and compresses them neatly into two minutes and 45 seconds of musical ingenuity. Frank Black’s lyrics are potentially at their strongest here, rife with biblical allusion to the Book of Judges, namely the story of Samson and the gouging of his eyes. Black Francis’ vocals explode as the track progresses, getting lost amid the chaotic frenzy of blaring guitars and crashing drums. It’s a wild song and probably my personal favourite from Pixies.

2. ‘World Peace’ – Real Lies: Real Lies are a small electronic trio from London that deserve more attention. Their first record released back in 2015, Real Life, blends alternative and electronic in a manner not too dissimilar from New Order, but the band capture a brilliant sense of youths being adrift, and the sensory overload of London life. This track is one of the more energetic songs on the album, and a favourite of mine. If you’re into their vibe, check out ‘North Circular’, another excellent cut from the record.

3, ‘Turtle Neck Man’ – Mount Kimbie ft. King Krule: Mount Kimbie dropped this strange little single near the start of the year, during the comedown of their brilliant record, Love What Survives, that was released last September. It is unsurprising, then, that this song went relatively under the radar. It features King Krule, marking his fourth collaboration with the electronic duo, as he rattles off an exceptionally gritty and dark stream-of-consciousness. His growling, dreary vocals are contrasted with light, bubbling synths, and an eerily off-kilter drum pattern as the song abruptly cuts out. While it’s brief, it’s a pretty interesting track.

4. ‘Chewing Gum’ – Blood Orange ft. A$AP Rocky & Project Pat: I’m a big fan of Devonte Hynes, particularly his work as Blood Orange. His latest album, Negro Swan, just released, and it’s a bold, sprawling piece of work that is absolutely worth your time. Though the overall album is slightly too lengthy, this particular song has been stuck in my head and is definitely one of the highlights of the new record. Featuring A$AP Rocky and Project Pat, the track is a catchy slice of contemporary R&B with blissful, dreamy production. 

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