By Scott Carroll
Sep 07, 2018
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Review: The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Telltale Games

Back in 2012, Telltale Games rocked the gaming world with an incredible, episodic video game set in the universe of The Walking Dead. This caused their popularity as a developer to skyrocket, and for a time, Telltale almost had a monopoly on player choice-driven narratives, adapting other great franchises into video game format, including Borderlands, Game of Thrones and Batman. They also continued capitalising on the popularity of their flagship Walking Dead series, and 2018 has seen the release of the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

In this final adventure, players once again take control of series mainstay, Clementine, as she tries to keep herself and young Alvin Jr alive in an increasingly dangerous world. While it’s great to see the series go full circle and have Clementine, the helpless child from the first season, looking after a child herself in the fourth season, if you’ve played one Telltale Game, you’ve played them all. The “this place is safe, lol jk, it’s not” trope is played out again in this episode, and I’m reluctant to invest in any of these new characters, knowing they’ll all be dead in a couple of episodes’ time. The biggest offender comes at the end of the episode, where an event happens that, in classic Telltale style, gives the illusion of being influenced by player choice, but really, it’ll happen no matter what choices you make. This is worth checking out if you’ve been following the series since 2012, but don’t expect anything innovative or surprising. I sure don’t.

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