By Paora Manuel
Feb 10, 2018

Do You Winter Olympic Bruh?

How to Do It and What to Look For

For New Zealanders, the Winter Olympics is a chance for lovers of the cold (blasphemous I tell you) to get involved. Unlike the Summer Olympics, our track record in the Winter Olympics is shit, with a lone silver medal back in 1992 by Annelise Coberger. Over the next two weeks, 21 Kiwis will compete across five events, from February 9th to 25th. Throughout this short window of wintery bliss, here’s what to look for.

The Opening Ceremony

Keep an eye out on social media during the opening ceremony, because there maybe a chance for someone to have their 15 minutes of fame; think the double toilets in Sochi in 2014, or the shirtless Tongan flag-bearer from the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016. With both North and South Korea marching under one banner in during the event, this could be one to put on your Instagram story.

New Zealand

All our Kiwis are spread out across five events; alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, speed skating and skeleton. When watching the Winter Olympics, go by this formula: if a New Zealander is competing in a event, support the New Zealander, if New Zealand is not competing in an event, support the hottest looking person available.

Watching it

The best way to watch the Winter Olympics is to watch it on TV. Whether you watch it intensely with flatmates or by yourself when you’re bored shitless, find a way to get in the Olympic spirit. In true poor student spirit, make it a drinking game. Instead of finding a drinking game online, ya boy has a drinking game sorted (which I stole from a website).

Drink when (figure out how much you drink, i.e. a sip, bottle,):

  • Anyone says “PyeongChang”

  • Anyone says “Korea”

  • An announcer talks about how an athlete must feel

  • There’s an injury, fall or false start

  • You hear your country’s name

  • Your country wins a game/match or qualifies for a final

  • Any flashback to previous Winter Olympics

Disclaimer: Nexus promotes responsible and safe drinking, so don’t blame us if you get O-Week level wasted, just sayin.

So, that my friends, is how to Winter Olympic and what you should look out for. Go New Zealand for #pyeongchang2018.

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