By Kaitlin Stewart
Aug 09, 2018

Latest Trends

Rad Rags for Ladies and Lads

Every single day, both new and recycled trends grace our screens. I would say “we see these on a day to day basis”, but let’s be real, it’s not every day you’ll spot the latest Supreme drop in Hamilton. With the likes of Instagram and Snapchat, we are continuously updated with what the big celebs—à la Kylie Jenner—are wearing. I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve just sat down and had a chat, don’t ya think? So, let’s have a catch-up, go over the latest trends, and pretend that even if we do like them that we can actually afford them. Don’t worry, I am very much aware, by “having a chat with you”, really means me continuing to talk to myself.  I’m just pretending as though I have an audience, in order to make up for my complete lack of human interaction. 

As we are all aware, streetwear is the only player in the game. There’s only one way to fame nowadays. Wear brands with the most prominent logo, make sure to get snapped by Highsnobiety, and you, my friend, are launched into instant stardom. When it comes to streetwear, shoes make the biggest statement. But, I mean, how much more can you do with sneakers. I’ve talked about the Dad trend, and yes, it remains relevant, but it’s time for something fresh and new. Vans are still one of my favourite shoe brands. Although they’re year 7 vibezzzzz AF, their versatility is incomparable. And soon we will be graced with the Van Gogh collection. High art-inspired shoes? I mean, it’s sure a step-up from Hello Kitty (if you know, you know).

This is a trend that is, and always will be, popular. But I’m running out of ideas, and just want to talk about it. Co-ord ‘fits are all the rage my sweet chickens. Coordinated tops and bottoms which incorporate the likes of suits, tracksuits, and loungewear are merely matching clothes. I see oversized suits so often on my Insta feed. There is nothing better than wearing a 20-year-old suit that hides every trace of a figure you may obtain; the absolute peak of style. 

High-waisted pants are totally back from the dead. Not just any high-waisted pants—I’m talking about pants up to ya fuckin’ ears. A classic combo sported on almost every Insta model’s page. This being the classic cropped singlet and the highest of high waisted cargo pants. My likeness towards this trend is unknown. I want to like it, but to uphold my super original, alternative only, don’t talk to me unless you listen to Yellow Days image, I cannot.

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