By Scott Carroll
Aug 02, 2018
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Review: The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters – Nick Smith

Nick Smith (better known online as ‘Ulillillia’) was an obscure internet personality who put out a myriad of strange content across multiple web platforms; releasing private blog posts, YouTube let’s plays, and pizza de-greasing tutorials. He also published his own book.

Make no mistake, The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters is an utter train wreck of a book. From a nonsensical plot to a thoroughly bizarre method of narration and choice of prose, Smith’s book is as fascinating as it is terrible. The “plot” revolves around an alien protagonist named Knuckles (physically described in a way you can only imagine) who descends—or rather, glides—to the Earth to save it from destruction at the hands of mysterious and otherworldly elemental entities. The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters styles itself as a movie script, a self-aware role-playing game, and a thrilling adventure story all at the same time. It becomes disorientating, and all of Smith’s approaches come and go whenever they please by the page.

Upon finishing The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters, you’re left with a faint sense of bewilderment or confusion, as if you missed something integral to the plot that brings the whole piece together. Don’t worry, you didn’t.

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