By CJ Lee
Aug 02, 2018
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Review: Reaper – Nothing,Nowhere

Gloomy days require gloomy music.

Nothing,Nowhere, in my opinion, is an artist that found a perfect balance between hip-hop and emo. Reaper was released on October 20, 2017. The album consists of nine tracks with two features. The sad guitar melodies, NN’s vocals reminiscent of 2000’s emo-pop with a touch of rap, and the angry songwriting just speaks to me. The album begins with ‘Houdini’, a calm guitar-over-a-trap-beat-song. Next is ‘Clarity In Kerosene’, the prettiest song on the album, showcasing NN’s signature screaming/singing vocals. This then leads to ‘Funeral Fantasy’, a track featuring daydreamy guitars over a hip-hop beat, as Nothing,Nowhere questions the purpose of his existence. The fourth track, ‘REM’, features Lil West’s autotune drench rap vocals, reminiscent of the gothboiclique sound. Next on the tracklist is ‘Blackheart’, my personal favourite song on the entire album. NN sings in ‘Blackheart’, “You’re just another reason why I stay inside. Just another reason why I hate this life’. Oof, that hit me hard.  This then leads into ‘Marykate’, a minimalistic song with only a guitar and NN’s vocals. In ‘Hopes Up’, Dashboard Confessional and NN sing about a one-sided relationship, in which one party doesn’t reciprocate feelings. Dashboard Confessional’s vocals sound way better than expected on an emo-rap instrumental. Track eight is ‘Skully’, a song that explores further into NN’s pessimistic self. Lastly, the concluding track ‘Nevermore’, begins with NN’s vocals over an emo-rap instrumental, before breaking into a full-on epic alternative metal finish.

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