By CJ Lee
Jul 27, 2018
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Review: Overdrive – Space Laces

Space Laces, the sought-after dubstep heavyweight and producer featured on the legendary track ‘Throwing Elbows’, dropped the Overdrive EP on June 5. Prior to release, Getter has also been teasing that his last heavy song will be on this EP.

Overdrive is a six-song EP consisting of one feature (Getter) and one remix by IVORY. The album begins with the track ‘Overdrive’, an instant banger with its unique and screechy basses – praise be Space Laces’ sound design – and is easily one of my favourite tracks on the EP. Next up is an angry house track titled ‘Kaiju’, reminiscent of the high-powered electro house of 2014. The song samples the classic Godzilla theme coupled with, of course, a large serving of Space Laces’ signature wubs. The third track was the song Getter had been teasing. Titled ‘Choppaz’, Getter certainly did not slack on the intro of the song, bringing in that sinister Ghostemane-type trap beat, before Space Laces completely obliterates the drop. 10/10 riot-inducing. The EP then goes into a much tamer but wet and wonky track: ‘Cheeseburger’. This was followed by ‘Torque’; the first single from the EP that features wubs similar to that of ‘Overdrive’ – an encore of ‘Overdrive’ if you will. The EP ends with IVORY’s remix of ‘Cruise Control’ which, when compared to the original, sounds more elegant in a controlled-chaos type of way. This is an interesting take on the original but, when compared to the energy of the whole EP, just doesn’t quite fit in.

All in all, though, Overdrive is a fire EP – expect to hear songs on here in your favourite DJ’s sets.

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