By Conor Maxwell
Jul 27, 2018
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Review: Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors – Spike Chunsoft

Five years after the release of Saw comes the first game in the Zero Escape trilogy; a series that was likely heavily inspired by Saw and its commercial success. In Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, nine people (funny, that) find themselves held captive on a replica of the Titanic by a masked tyrant known as Zero, and tasked with working together to find and escape through a door with a nine on it before the giant ship sinks. Each character is given a number from one to nine, and playing as Junpei, also known as person number five, you alternate between room escape puzzles and visual novel sections as you navigate your choice of the eight doors that will ideally lead you to the way out.

I’ve completed three of the six possible endings so far, and I’m not certain I’d recommend this game. The characters are mysterious and interesting and most of the puzzles are interesting, but having to start the game from scratch after every playthrough just to get murdered at the end because you picked the wrong doors or didn’t find the right items is an exercise in human suffering. Plus, person number two (nicknamed Snake) is infinitely cooler than I am despite being old and blind, so I find this game offensive and intimidating.

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