By Archie Porter
Jul 27, 2018
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Review: Lush – Snail Mail

Lush is the debut full-length album from Lindsay Jordan, under the pseudonym Snail Mail. Released by Matador, the record is a solid first effort from an artist that has a lot of potential. However, the majority of Lush feels like mere background music – not unpleasant to listen to, but almost instantly forgettable.

The album opens with a pointless ‘Intro’, in which Jordan’s strangely distorted vocals croon over a bland and forgettable guitar melody. After this, the album picks up as the tracks ‘Pristine’, ‘Speaking Terms’, and ‘Heat Wave’ provide some clean cuts of indie-rock that are likely to perk your ears if you’re that way inclined. After the strength of this first portion, the album slowly deteriorates into a mesh of indistinguishable songs, all of which essentially follow the same formulaic chord progressions and whiny, melancholy vocals. The second to last track, ‘Deep Sea’, a slow-building, sombre interlude amid the humdrum mundanity of the other songs, makes an attempt at switching things up but ultimately falls short, providing nothing particularly fresh or intriguing.

Perhaps the records biggest drawback, everything in Lush feels extremely derivative; nothing here is essential-listening, none of it attempts to push the genre or medium forward, it simply apes other works. Of course, given Jordan’s young age and the fact that this is her first proper album, that’d be asking a bit much. But, while it’s not particularly bad, this is the same old teenage indie-rock you’ve heard a million times before.

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