By Bradley Gielen
Jul 12, 2018
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Review: How Did We Get So Dark? – Royal Blood

Royal Blood have hit the ground running with a successful debut album. Their sophomore record How Did We Get So Dark? was released last year and, while being well-mixed and recorded, lacks anything fresh or different from their first effort. The diamond in the rough is Kerr’s vocals – he sings with a discerning tone that is eerily similar to Josh Homme. It isn’t the technical quality of the songs that makes How Did We Get So Dark? a forgettable album, but the individual weakness of each track. The record starts strong with the hard-hitting and catchy opening title track, followed by the strong single ‘Lights Out’. By number four, the songs begin to blur into each other as a lack of variety in chord sequence makes it hard to tell each one apart.

The trouble with Royal Blood’s second album is the lack of innovation; each song is still just a moody mix of overbearing drums, crunchy bass, and brooding vocals. The second to last track, ‘Hole In Your Heart’, makes an attempt at breaking the cycle of monotony, but a simple keyboard track amongst the gloom is too little too late for this mess of insincere songs and uninspired lyrics. For anyone not an angsty British preteen, it’s best to just listen to the singles, or better yet, avoid this one altogether.

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