By Kaitlin Stewart
Jul 12, 2018

Hamilton: Fashion Capital of the World

Rad Rags for Ladies and Lads

Here at the famous University of Waikato, fashion and style is not a topic that commonly slips out in conversation. Monday morning catch-ups more often than not consist of the details of events having occurred on the preceding Saturday night. There’s nothing juicier than sitting in a 9am overhearing how many cruisers the person behind you inhaled in an hour! Wowee! Stellar work! Along with the lack of textile, style or any fashion-related degrees available at Waikato, it’s a hard topic to stumble upon. However, due to this being a student magazine, and myself being very interested in such a topic, here’s some ways to get more involved with fashion here at University. 

At the Cowshed, we have the very first New Zealand university-run Op Shop, The Eco Emporium. You can find a variety of goodies here, whether it be knick-knacks, books and, of course, second-hand clothes. It’s a great way to both waste time between classes and pick up a few pieces without ever leaving campus. And if you need even more time to kill, look into volunteering there, or any op-shop around Hamilton. You’re on the frontier of clothing imports – a.k.a first pick of everything. Perks, amirite?

Another key way to stay involved is by attending student-run events. For example, the Fashion Fest ran by Waikato’s Management School a couple of months ago. This event hosted local fashion exhibitions, food and entertainment. Not only was it run by Waikato University students but partnered with Epilepsy New Zealand to raise funds. Such events are perfect for any style-seeking student keen to get involved with the Waikato fashion world. 

Being able to not only physically express your own style but then to find people who share the same passion! for! fashion! is difficult. So to find your own crowd of fashion-forward ladies and lads, I recommend starting a club. Believe it or not, we already have several on campus. You know those Open Days with all the stalls handing out free shit? Those are clubs on the lookout for their newest recruit. So if you want to find like-minded people who share the same outlook on fashion and are keen to establish a unique scene here on campus, definitely look into it. 

And lastly, I’m sure some aspiring designers are looking to get their OOTD noticed around campus. The only way to get the uttermost recognition is to snap your ‘fit, be sure to write a relatable comment and send it into Snapped. This section of Nexus provides only the greatest content, is free advertising, and is sure to launch your brand into instant stardom.

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