By Archie Porter
Jul 12, 2018

A Shocking Revelation

Pass the Aux

It recently occurred to me that, for whatever reason, most of the music I listen to is predominantly male-centric. Upon this shocking revelation, a slew of horrifying thoughts shot through my mind as I scoured my vast, ever-expanding library on Spotify; why do I always listen to men? Is it some kind of underlying sexual frustration? Am I a sexist?... To find the answers, and to prove to you that I’m not a misogynistic pig, here are four songs by some lovely women that I really like.

1. ‘Friday Sky’ by Babeheaven: I stumbled upon this sweet little band, originating from grimy ol’ West London, a couple of years ago by pure chance, and their music really stuck with me. While their back catalogue is very small, it is consistently excellent. Blending evocative and subtle guitar work with the beautifully soulful singing of vocalist Nancy Andersen, Babeheaven effortlessly craft music of rich textures and a genuine authenticity that seems rare nowadays. This track, ‘Friday Sky’, is my personal favourite of theirs.

2. ‘Black Car’ by Beach House: If you read my review of Beach House’s latest record 7, you’ll know that I enjoyed the album a lot. This track is definitely one of the highlights and is probably my personal favourite. The song is broody with its glaringly ominous synths and deep drum patter, yet remains brilliantly simple, building steadily as it lures you in to its trance. Victoria Legrand’s vocals harmoniously blend with the instrumentation so that no single element of the song feels overbearing. Instead, they form an interesting marriage to help deliver the unique, lush soundscape typically expected by the band.

3. ‘Speaking Terms’ by Snail Mail: Taken from her debut album Lush, Snail Mail is the solo project of guitarist and singer/songwriter Lindsey Jordan. The whole album is a very pleasant and excellently composed slice of female-driven indie rock, though it doesn’t particularly revolutionize the genre. Considering Jordan is only 19-years-old, I wouldn’t really expect that of her. I mean, fuck, I’m only 19 and I spend most of my nights writing these boring articles or eating takeaway pizza—so fair play to her.

4. ‘Quand Vas Tu Rentrer’ by Melody’s Echo Chamber: First things first, I can’t speak French. However, regardless of my linguistic incompetence, j’adore this song – although I have absolutely no clue what Melody Prochet is singing. This track comes from her first self-titled record under the alias Melody’s Echo Chamber. Unfortunately, last year, Prochet suffered severe medical issues including a brain aneurysm and broken vertebrae, subsequently cancelling her tour and putting her new record on hold. Thankfully upon her recovery, she released her second album Bon Voyage.

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