By Nexus
Jul 12, 2018

Completely Redefining Yourself at Uni vs. Never Letting Go of High School

This vs. That

Completely Redefining Yourself at Uni

Heads up kids, we’ve graduated high school! Halle-fuckin-lu-jah. High school served a purpose at its time – mostly making you think you were actually smart, that NCEA was actually hard, and that your super close friendships and relationships would all last forever. But uni is for the big kids, the ones who are ready to grow up and do actual things with their lives. It’s time to move past the point of bitchy catfights, school cliques, and worrying about who you were going to walk to class with. Now’s the time to put your headphones in, put on your bitchiest face and get a move on.

As cliche as it is, uni is the time to find yourself and who you want to be. After leaving high school, you should be able to see how many doors were closed for you and how confined you were. If you can’t, then maybe you should head to Specsavers. The new opportunities you are given, the people you meet, and the new things you learn should probably create a more open-minded, understanding, and educated you. If this does not happen, then you probably need to grow up a wee bit and open your eyes.

It’s time to accept that high school is over, k? It doesn’t matter if you loved or hated it—either way, it’s in the past, and we’re not there anymore. Just let people live and be themselves and grow and change; it literally has nothing to do with you whatsoever.

If you enjoyed those five years, that’s great for you! But get the fuck out of here with your “high school years are the best years of your life!” bullshit, because if that’s true, then a whole lot of us are right and royally screwed. High school wasn’t the most fabulous time for a lot of people. So being told that you’re a cynic and a bit of a bitch for wanting to leave it in the past is a bit shit – if I’m honest. Nobody wants to be told they haven’t changed since they were sixteen years old, especially when you hit your twenties – if you do, I suggest you re-evaluate your goals in life. Unless, of course, your sixteen-year-old self was your peak, in which case... congrats. We all went through high school, woohoo! Now please for the love of God, stop bitching about people because of the school they went to.

Never Letting Go of High School

If you’re anything like me, you definitely peaked during high school. Those were the glory days, when all your mates were still around (before everyone decided to fuck off to Dunners or Vic that is), teachers probably knew your name, and “mufti days” were a cause for anticipation and excitement. Then, you came to university, to be the smallest little sardine in a pond full of a million other fish varieties – some bigger, some stoned, some just lost; your whole world crumbling apart as you realise nothing you’ve done so far has actually mattered, and most of the other fish seem to have their shit far more pulled together than you do, or at least, enviably healthier social lives. In other words, in high school, you were awesome; at uni, you’re just a walking, confused ID number, leeching off the Government and delaying adult responsibilities.

Remember the days of not having to pay for fees, not dropping $200 on a textbook you never opened, and not owing 20K after one year? You didn’t have to pay for much except your Saturday night box of Cruisers, “nights out” still gave you a good night’s sleep since you were all herded up by your mate’s mum to go home by 12 am sharp, and NCEA was such a piss-take that you actually didn’t have to freak out about spending an extra year at school if you didn’t pass the first round.

Back then, we still felt like we had the world in our tiny hands. Now, we realise there are no jobs in the fun subjects, and big bucks come from the courses which rank highest on the soul-crushing scale. I say let’s hold on to the sweet naivety of adolescence, and never let go. A common strategy of doing this is to continue wearing your leavers’ jersey despite having actually left school two years ago. Or perhaps go all out with it: weep to high school musical reruns, throw people’s laptop bags in bushes around the university, or bring your roman sandals back as a daily wardrobe staple once more.

Sure, you have independence at uni and shit, but high school was a time of unity, freedom, youth, and joy. Screw accepting change, adapting to university life, and thriving in a new environment; my dear readers, never let go of high school.

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