By Jared Ipsen
Jul 12, 2018

Half Eaten Pie: the Emo Indie Punk Band You Probably Should Have Heard Of

How to Fix Everything

When I was in high school, I was playing Pokémon, downloading All American Rejects songs on Napster, and practising my stage moves in front of the mirror – and despite all of that, I wasn’t half as talented as the dickheads in Half Eaten Pie. An “indie/emo/punk” (according to their singer/guitarist Lachlan) band from Te Awamutu, this three-piece, in their short existence, have achieved a lot for a band still in high school. 

From what I remember, it’s not easy to be a band in high school. Bars won’t let you play there until you’re over 18, older groups in the scene think you’re full of shit, and recording studios won’t let you lay down a track for $16 and your collection of rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. When you aren’t going to be hitting the big time or making any money (unless you’re Alien Weaponry), being a young band becomes about making the best music and having the best time you possibly can.

“The biggest hurdle is finding venues that are all ages and willing to pay the band,” Lachlan says.

“You have to be proactive and organise your own shows.” 

They are genuinely a proactive bunch. Their fuzzy, screamy single, ‘Bassman Finds Love,’ was featured on the Hamilton Underground Press compilation album. They supported NZ music legends Die! Die! Die! in 2017. They won the Rockquest regional finals—twice. They even almost recorded an EP but weren’t able to finish it due to a fight about what font to use on the cover. 

We’ve hosted Half Eaten Pie at Zeal a few times, and I can honestly say that they’re the best shows that we’ve had. No matter the turnout or occasion, they always play an energetic, passionate set. One time, one of their mums made pies in our oven, put them in a bag stamped with their logo, and sold them as Half Eaten Pie merch. 

Every band has to start somewhere. The Datsuns, Kimbra, and The Naked and Famous all cut their teeth on the Rockquest stage and went on to enjoy international success. The boys in Half Eaten Pie have definitely proven they have the songs, drive and passion for taking it all the way – from here, only time will tell.

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