By Paora Manuel
Jul 12, 2018

Super Duper Rugby Fan: What Fan Are You?

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With the World Cup on at the moment, rugby is not feeling any limelight love at the moment. Following the trend of funny-yet-relevant articles about the type of fan you are by supporting a particular team, the Sporting Goods team figured that we’re no different and might as well join the bandwagon.

Blues: The Blues fan has no need to worry about their life because they’ve got other things to worry about. Housing prices have skyrocketed, petrol now up to $3 a litre, the Warriors are doing well for the first time in ages, and more people turn up to a 9 am lecture than Eden Park for a Blues game. It truly is the oddest time to be a Blues fan.

Chiefs: Chiefs fans are the embodiment of Hamiltonians in general; we do okay on the field, but we specialise in off-field antics. From exotic dancer antics to bringing the Ranfurly Shield into Hush Hush at three in the morning (different competition, but my Sporting Good, my rules), the Chiefs sure know how to have a good time.

Hurricanes: From the Cake Tin in the Wild Wet Wellington to a dingy flat in Dunedin, the Hurricanes sure love the attention. The ability of a Barrett with Maccas to walk into the wrong flat at 5 am deserves some respect only because we’ve already been there or know someone who’s walked into the wrong house.

Crusaders: Success, success and more success. That’s been the Crusaders for however many years, producing many exceptional All Blacks; from Daniel Carter to Richie McCaw and current captain Kieran Reid. The Crusaders are the one shining light of the city of Christchurch. With the earthquakes, the mini Cathedral and State Highway 1 going through the city, the Crusaders give Cantabrians something to cheer for in these dark times.

Highlanders: Carisbrook “House of Pain” is no more (RIP). Dunedin rugby now has found a new home. The Zoo at Forsyth Barr can sometimes resemble Castle Street on Friday and Saturday night; drunken antics, burning couches and living in bloody shitbox houses. The fortunes of the Highlanders often mirror the Scarfie, when on a roll, getting slays left, right and centre. If the Highlanders are not so good, it’s just a cesspit of despair and misery.

The descriptions can be mixed to fit your current but don’t chuck housing prices to the rest of the team’s fans. 

‘Me, oh my, I have

enjoyed that, yes boy’ – Justin Marshall

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