By Kaitlin Stewart
Jul 06, 2018


Rad Rags for Ladies and Lads

Online shopping. A super convenient, quick and straightforward task able to be completed right from the comfort of your bed. Every student’s dream. However, this is no longer limited to websites opened by pre-existing clothing brands. Any person with access to the internet can sell clothes. Instagram, Depop, Facebook, any photo sharing platform offers the ability to start up a clothing line. If this whole university thing doesn’t work out, why not kickstart your fashion career?

If vintage brands are a bit of you, you’re most likely already aware of Vintage Vintage and Magichollow. Both of which specialise in selling brands such as Guess, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger—only the streetwear classics. Due to the immense popularity garnered by Magichollow, they have since opened a store in central Auckland. However, if affordable vintage is what you want, I recommend Vintage Vintage. With such a large variety of both good and bad conditioned pieces, the prices can vary incredibly. I’m very much aware not everyone is down on spending $300+ on a second-hand Guess t-shirt, I got you.

Instagram can be difficult due to the pages being individually run, low on stock and quality cannot always be guaranteed. But don’t be so quick to judge, I’ve found many pages that provide locally owned, affordable clothing. And as soon as you find a decent one, they begin to flow into your recommendations. A page I would highly suggest checking out is @fruitbowlvintage. With a massive influx of second-hand pieces and aesthetically pleasing photos, you’re bound to find a few gems. However, due to her rising popularity, the good pieces sell fast. First in, first served, folks.

But I know, as much as I have second-hand bias, not all of us are so inclined. Let me provide a couple of options for those quality seeking individuals. One big player in the online shopping game is ASOS. They cater to any gender and continue to specialise in plus size, petite, tall, maternity – any possible frame you may be. But be sure to check out the outlet section. As a student who shouldn’t be shopping in the first place, you better believe that’s the first section I’m looking in. Another banger I don’t dabble in myself but am acutely aware is a hit among the youth is Missguided; a store sure to provide you with your next Outback ready ‘fit. Student deals, discount codes, $5 shipping. If there’s one thing this store does is look out for us benefit-receiving invalids.

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