By Conor Maxwell
Jul 06, 2018
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Review: Detroit: Become Human – Quantic Dream

As we, a race of sentient beings, hurtle tail-first into a terrifying future dominated by nuclear threats, startling breakthroughs in technology, and Elon Musk, it’s no surprise that stories about androids are currently dominating the video game industry. The latest in this long line of racial segregation allegories is Detroit: Become Human – the most recent project of Heavy Rain creator, David Cage. The story focuses on three android protagonists; an artist’s assistant named Markus, a nanny named Kara and, my obvious favourite, an FBI negotiator called Connor.

If you’re familiar with the likes of Blade Runner or Black Mirror, the narrative itself doesn’t provide anything new, but David Cage’s classic branching pathways and the fact that there are many opportunities for key characters to die off during the campaign if you make bad choices keeps the tried-and-true ideas fresh and exciting. I had to replay the opening chapter three or four times to keep Connor alive because there’s no fucking way I’m letting anything bad happen to someone with such a cool name.

Detroit: Become Human is well worth paying attention to if you’re interested in exploring a familiar-yet-original follicle of the extended android/human relationship narrative: if androids can feel like humans can, then is employing them just a form of slavery?

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