By Scott Carroll
Jul 04, 2018
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Review: Legion (Seasons 1 & 2) – created by Noah Hawley

Legion dives straight into the mind of David Haller, a man gifted with what appears to be unusual superpowers, yet cursed with some form of mental illness or lapse of sanity. The show is vivid in its use of colour, cinematography and characters; often throwing things at the viewers out of left field. Dance sequences, startling visual effects reminiscent of techno-pop music shorts, and quirky-yet-jilted dialogue between an uncanny or downright odd ensemble of cast members keep you constantly out of check with what’s happening in the plot. It tries hard to be two steps ahead of you. Yet thanks to a subtle placement of foreshadowing plot devices and motifs, the show doesn’t become hopelessly disorientating as one might expect. 

Legion mimics madness for the consistency of its theme and titular character. While this is understandable, it sometimes detracts from itself as a showy, ‘artier’ piece when it remembers at the end of the day that it’s still a superhero show. Specifically, it’s based on the X-Men universe, so while these first two seasons have been very promising, I fear deep down at some point it will inevitably lower its unpredictable flair for the sake of closure and satisfaction.

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