By Nexus
May 26, 2018

Full Exposure: Biobird

Static is known for its filthy sets in the early hours of the morning, gracing Hood St with some of Hamilton’s heaviest and most experimental tracks each week. We caught up with Caleb Bird, the artist behind Biobird and the DJ responsible for the iconic 2 am slot that only the truest battlers have come to know and love.

Nexus: How would you define your sound?

CB: Dark, slightly cinematic, heavy, and expressive. I guess it’s a reflection of how I feel about everything, as every artist does, music is all about expression. It’s heavily influenced by the artists I like, ranging from DNB producers like Noisia, to bands like Fat Freddy’s Drop, along with Dubstep pioneers Truth. I really like experimenting, pushing the boundaries, and making my sound different. Electronic music, to me, is very recycled. Especially in the heavier stuff. It’s rare to hear something new. I’m just searching through sounds to see what works.

Nexus: Where did you start?

CB: In intermediate, I started learning guitar and trombone, and I really liked it. The more I got into it, the more I leant into the composition side of things. I don’t like the idea of being a monkey, playing someone else’s song is cool, it shows discipline, and that you persevered to get a result, but I prefer the idea of being able to play my own music. To make what I hear in my head, and then hear it in the real world. That’s more exciting to me.

Nexus: Do you have any other creative outlets?

CB: Just drawing the artwork for my releases. Nothing other than that, I just love composing and physically playing instruments.

Nexus: What artists do you listen to regularly?

CB: Radiohead, Truth, Noisia, Culprate, Wardruna, anything from Disciple Records, Lamb of God, Gojira, The Upbeats, Ivylab, Shlump, Snarky Puppy, Periphery, FFD. I range from progressive metal to dubstep, then from drum & bass to laid back tunes. It’s always changing.

Nexus: What have you been working on recently?

CB: I’ve been working on an album called Balance which I released a couple of weeks ago on Soundcloud and Spotify. It’s pretty fresh. It features a combination of chill back tunes and heavy, hard, grungy drum & bass. A plethora of styles I guess. It also features my good friends and fucking good musicians, fuDank, Tristan Fisher, and Fleur Fauna. For certain tracks, I felt my guitar skills weren’t up to scratch, so I called mates in to record, then blended it all together. Vocals as well—I don’t sing—luckily my friends sing, and they were happy enough to pop in and help. I’m incredibly grateful for all the support, and everyone helping out and chilling around making beats. A very enjoyable process. Definitely got to give a special thanks to The Drum & Bass Massive, Noize Radio, Static, and everyone else who’s helped and provided support.

Check Biobird out on Soundcloud, Spotify, and at Static.

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