By David Simes
Jan 21, 2018
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Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm – Season 9

I stumbled upon the show Curb Your Enthusiasm completely by accident and instantly thought it was absolutely hilarious. The show follows Larry David, co-creator of the smash sitcom Seinfeld, dealing with his daily life. This usually involves insulting someone, causing havoc or just being an arsehole to anyone and everyone. The show ran for 8 seasons and was put on hiatus. Fans like myself waited and waited and finally, the glorious show has returned.
The ninth season continues with the strange situations, with Larry having a ‘fatwah’ placed on him after writing a musical about Salman Rushdie, Larry ruining the life of a college football hopeful with a pickle jar, fighting a ticket from a policeman for honking him at a green light, and re-enacting the civil war and giving an Iraq veteran PTSD, just to name a few. The show is highly improvisational, resulting in a lot of hilarity. Curb Your Enthusiasm is basically Seinfeld with swearing and it’s brilliant.
This season has been one of the best, so I think the break of 5 years or so has really made the comedy feel fresh again. All and all, this season has been pretty, pretty good. You should definitely give it a watch, and if you can, start it from season 1. It’s worth your while.

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