By Kaitlin Stewart
May 25, 2018

For all my Alty Queens and Aspiring Trendy Teens

Rad Rags for Ladies and Lads

Who am I? A question I ask myself while I cut off more hair or change my entire wardrobe during another crippling identity crisis. But a more important question, who do I want to be? Clothes can reflect an entire aspect of your personality. However, to achieve this desired portrayal can be very difficult. This being a result of fear of judgement, lack of money, or pure laziness. There’s nothing that gets the heart pumping more than getting ready for a class that started 10 minutes ago, and wearing whatever graced the floor the night before. 

There’s a key value taught in good ol’ primary school, drilled into each and every one of our heads. It’s self-expression, my friend. So, from someone who wears turtlenecks in summer for pure aesthetic, here’s some useful advice towards creating your own unique style (but maybe don’t take it on board, I don’t know what I’m talking about).

Instagram is fucking perf for inspiration. Find one person or page you like and go from there. Search through their tags, hashtags, and other pages they follow. Maybe if you’re feeling brave message them, befriend your style icon. It may result in something positive, as that my friends is how my boyfriend and I met, aw. Before you know it, you’ll have wasted two hours, and added a further 200 people to your following list. The plus side of this being a feed full of aesthetics you enjoy, heightening your desire to switch things up in the wardrobe.

Now to kick your stalker mode up a notch, why not try people watching? Don’t raise your eyebrows at me, we all do it. Sit in the Village Green one day, and watch people going to and from class. You’re bound to spot a few funky fits amongst the Waikato Draught T-Shirts. An absolute staple piece, sported by only the classiest of students, including our very own editor (bless). 

If you’re still stuck on ideas, here are a couple of clothing combos from yours truly. A turtleneck and oversized tee is absolute perfection, especially when you’re trying to hide any trace of a figure you may have. A sweet, sweet pair of mom/ dad/ grandad jeans are the epitome of fashion. My personal thought towards pants, if they’re old, wear em. And lastly, for pure comfort but also gram aesthetics, you cannot beat an oversized sweater or knitted jumper with a pair of fitted jeans and sneakers. It’s a classic look and can be sported by any person of any gender. 

Expressing your true self without giving a shit about what others think is truly an amazing feeling and once you embrace that, go crazy with it. Go forth and prosper, I believe in you.

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