By Troy Anderson
May 25, 2018

Psilocybin and how to Witness Jehovah

Yam & Troy the Science Boys

It’s getting to that time of year; things are starting to get colder, folks are beginning to care less about what they wear to lectures and groups of strange dudes can be seen loitering around various gardens being not at all suspicious. That’s right, children; this one is about good old magic mushrooms.

Many anthropologists agree that the human race has been tripping major ballsack since all the way back in the day.  There are a great many prehistoric cave paintings across the globe that would suggest quite a number of our ancient ancestors were partial to a few mushies.

So what are they all about? Some 200 different mushroom types contain the psychedelic compound psilocybin. A few of these can be found in our very own Hamilton, which might explain the continued existence of the Headmaster’s House on River Road etc... Psilocybin, when ingested, is converted by our bodies into psilocin which is highly active in the prefrontal cortex. This is where the magic happens.

Closed eye hallucinations of all kinds of wild geometric shapes and vivid colours and shit like that are very common. Yes, that is actually a thing. Suggestibility is dramatically increased, meaning that individuals are far more susceptible consciously and unconsciously to cues from their surroundings. The adoption of more primitive or ‘childlike’ thinking is also prominent. For example, folks might become frustrated or confused at someone checking the time, referring to the time, or otherwise drawing attention to the passage of time. No doubt these arbitrary human constructs no longer seem to make any sense. Next week? What the fuck does that even mean, dude?

Pre “The War on Drugs” in the ‘60s, a bit of experimentation was done before the government shut that shit down. Some of the more interesting information gathered surrounded the classic “bad trip”. If people had been having a shit time as of late, suffered from bouts of anxiety or depression, were in a group of people larger than six, were in a negative environment or setting etc., they were far more likely to have a bad trip. Symptoms include consistent and recurring feelings of dread, anxiety, and fear for their duration of the drug being active. Peter Stafford (I assume he had a theoretical degree in getting fucked up on drugs and writing books) suggested that psilocybin resulted in a ‘warmer’ and less ‘forceful’ high than that of LSD.

If you are looking to get in on the ground floor, here are some spots you can find mushrooms that are level 10 wizards. One is in the garden area near the *, *, *, *, * blocks. Another is in the **** ******* right outside the new *** ********. But before you do that, just fucking chill - if you’re planning on cracking into that shit, make sure you’re in safe place and know exactly what you are taking. Yam and Troy the Science Boys takes no responsibility for anybody fucking out and dying because again, I’m just some dude with a computer. Do your research children.

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