By Nexus
May 24, 2018

Vaginas, Poor People, and Other Things We Need to Silence

Nexus Magazine is calling for the immediate withdrawal of offensive issues of Critic Magazine and the sacking of Editor Joel MacManus who has been in the role for a semester and should know better than to think before he does things.

At a hastily-assembled press conference, Nexus Editor Lyam Buchanan called for MacManus to step down from his position fearing that if he didn’t “The University of Otago may become a place of learning and debate.”

“Look, we have all received the same reports, and it turns out that a lot of people have vaginas. But unlike Critic, we don’t want to raise awareness to it or point out that there is a link between health and poverty.”

“If Critic keeps talking about women’s issues, this will only lead to them wanting to vote and be paid 73 cents to the dollar—you mark our words.”

“It is baffling for us to think that he and his team spent hours meticulously researching, calling, and even talking to people about an issue. You wouldn’t catch Mike Hosking or Duncan Garner doing that nonsense.”

“We stand firmly with the Proctor here. There are over 20,000 students in Otago, which means up to four old, white men could have seen that cover. Did we think about how it would impact them?”

The real shame is that this sort of smut ruined what could have been the first nice issue of Critic, featuring articles like Dunedin’s cheapest alcohol, how to repair a relationship with your father over drinks and sports, and a Shark Week feature which we didn’t read but assume it has something to do with how watching carnivores makes you hard.

Je suis Critic.

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