By CJ Lee
May 15, 2018
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Review: Stranger – Yung Lean

Despite being a fan of Yung Lean, how I managed to miss out on Stranger is beyond me. Despite consisting of 14 songs, there are surprisingly no features on this album, not even Lean’s frequent collaborator, Bladee. In terms of production, Lean brought in the producers from the SADBOYS crew such as Yung Sherman, Yung Gud, and Whitearmor - producers that are widely recognised for their experimental, dreamy, and ambient sound.

The song that stood out most to me in the album was ‘Red Bottom Sky’, a beautiful and warm track that is elegantly crafted with metaphors reflecting the life of Lean. Next, there are the colourful, lullaby-like track ‘Silver Arrows’, a song so cosy you’ll feel as if you are in a Studio Ghibli movie. ‘Metallic Intuition’ is a sinister track that I would say best defines Lean’s current style of music. Consequently, there is ‘Yellowman’; the song is, according to Genius, a reference to the book, The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. The slightly-distorted, reverb-drenched vocals along with the roughed up instrumental got me falling in love with it right away. 

In conclusion, every aspect of Stranger shows how much the SADBOYS have grown musically. My review probably doesn’t do the album justice, so I highly recommend you check it out yourself and listen to it from start to finish. Stranger is hands down one of my favourite Yung Lean albums to date.

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