By Conor Maxwell
May 15, 2018
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Review: Dead Rising 4 – Capcom Vancouver

In a world where every third video game released into the wild has something to do with zombies, the Dead Rising series has always managed to stand out. With multiple endings, crippling difficulty spikes, a menagerie of excellent villains (called psychopaths) and a time-based sandbox story mode, each game has made the concept of outlasting a zombie outbreak seem immediate and stressful. Until Dead Rising 4.

The latest game in the franchise attempts to capture the fans’ attention by bringing back original protagonist Frank West, but it removes psychopaths, unique survivors and the time limit; basically the soul of the whole series. Sure, you still get to kill a bunch of zombies in sick and sexy ways, but they’ve replaced the horror and challenge with Christmas decorations and a crossbow that shoots swordfish. I didn’t die a single time during my playthrough, and I actually suck at video games.

Play Dead Rising 4 for the violence, comedy, story mode, but don’t expect too much depth this time around; you’ll only end up getting your heart broken.

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