By Archie Porter
May 10, 2018
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Review: Maybe – Jamie Isaac

‘Maybe’ is the latest single from Jamie Isaac’s forthcoming album, 4:30 Idler, set to be released in June. The best way I can describe this single is that it sounds somewhere in between the last two – the track is brimming with jazz and blues influences, but it also implements more of Isaac’s electronic tendencies. The result is a somewhat darker song that still retains his usual sultry tenderness. Differing from his debut album, Couch Baby, these recent singles suggest a change of pace musically. If Isaac’s first album is sitting around at home on a rainy evening, sparking up a fatty and becoming entranced in the dreamy jazz of Bill Evans, then this new album is getting up, putting on your jacket, and going for a walk in the dead of night. I’m not sure how far I can extend this analogy, so I’ll move on.

The song features some striking vocals in which Isaac sings noticeably higher than usual, but his tone remains as silky and stirring as ever. The beat shuffles its way along, keeping a smooth tempo before the percussion breaks out and flourishes amid the chorus. Behind all this, we hear a silky synth humming in the background as it perpetuates throughout the song. The track ebbs and flows in emotion and musical intensity, but at its heart lies Isaac’s deeply engaging songwriting and style.

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