By CJ Lee
May 06, 2018
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Review: Battered Bruised & Bloody – Carnage

It’s been a while since Carnage released his full length album, Papi Gordo, in 2015. Meanwhile, Carnage has just been dropping singles and EPs here and there featuring the likes of G-Eazy, Young Thug and Lil Yachty. 

Battered Bruised & Bloody starts off with one of my least favourite tracks, ‘Headlock’ featuring Killy. The song just sounds like the rapper and the instrumental are going in two completely different directions musically. The album progressively gets busier with tracks like ‘i Shyne’ featuring Lil Pump, and ‘Up Nxw’ featuring Scarlxrd.

The middle section of the album takes a surprising turn into a psytrance track ‘MOROKOMBA!’ and a house track, ‘Plur Genocide’, that features Steve Aoki. Both of these tracks, in my opinion, sound out of place in the album.  

The second half of the album goes into a more chill and melodic vibe with tracks like ‘Overtime’ featuring KYLE, and ‘Bed Bugs’, featuring Yung Pinch and Takeoff of MIGOS. Despite being known for his high energy tracks, Carnage’s chill and vibe tracks are not bad at all. Safe to say, this is my favourite part of the album.

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