By Kim Sare
May 11, 2018


Calendar Girl

Ah, Friday, everyone’s favourite time of the week. For some of the more civilised Waikato students, Fridays consist of a quiet night in, hopping into bed quicksmart before an early shift or big game the next day. Funnily enough, not all students are crazy pissheads with a 1:1 ratio of sober to intoxicated. But for many of us millennials and Gen Zs, Friday night is the time to unwind and de-stress from our long hard weeks at uni. The thing is, this beautiful culture ensures that these fine evenings always seem to have some staple events - the things that happen every week, and without them, the night just isn’t the same. Allow me to enlighten you with some of the essentials of a Hamilton Friday night that my observant eyes have picked up on during my time in the Waikato. 

The first is undoubtedly at least one box of cruisers floating around somewhere. The staple student alcohol, it’s perfect for those first years looking to slide into alcoholism nicely, or just enough to give the experienced third year a slight buzz. No matter the flavour, remnants of these babies can be found at any time in Halls’ recycling bins and flat yards alike. However, all good things in moderation, you don’t want to be the unfortunate second year who downed the box in two hours and spent the next day suffering from food poisoning. 

No night is complete without the boomy. Boomerang truly is the technological development of our age. Whether it’s on the actual Insta story or downloaded and posted on Snapchat is a matter of personal preference. Usually, we youngins go for whatever platform will get us the most attention. All of us have embraced this ritual at one point, and we all know the standard girl’s shimmy or the boy flexin’ his ’fit before hitting the clubs. But despite the extent to which we embrace the boomy, the question remains – if no one sees you clink your wine glass with your fave on a repetitive cycle, did it even happen?

Of course, Tinder activity sees a significant spike when getting on the rark. Unsurprisingly, copious amounts of alcohol tend to increase the need to show the fellas what a pull you’ve scored, and passing ‘round your new match’s tinder profile always manages to impress. Besides, nothing fuels the ego more than waking up after a night out and seeing 30 new matches; it’s particularly great when you have to re-evaluate the life choices made in your drunken state. And let’s be honest, you’re just going to do the exact same thing tomorrow night because the need for love and attention outweighs all regret.

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