By Tom, Luke, and Jamie
Jan 04, 2018

Flat Chat: Ep 1

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed throughout this painful excuse for a podcast do not reflect that of Nexus, it’s editor, it’s readers, or anyone else even mildly affiliated with the publication. Listeners discretion is advised.

The University of Waikato is known for its high calibre of undergraduate scholars. It’s a home to students who push the boundaries of academia, a breeding ground for tomorrows leaders. We’re lucky enough to be joined by three of Waikato’s finest, Tom, Luke, and Jamie. Each episode these dashing young men will tell the tales of flatting, covering everything from arguing over menial chores to accidentally waking up at the neighbours. This shouldn’t be seen as mere ‘entertainment’, it’s a guide to achieving what most can only dream of.

Join Tom, Luke, and Jamie as they attempt to mumble their way through a podcast for the very first time. In this episode our lovely lads enlighten everyone to their weekend antics, expressing their love for the Tamahere Country Market, along with the cute dogs it entails. We’re also given a rundown on the most effective flat rules, as well as the most integral drinking games.

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